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Ever wondered about the correct use of a first aid product? Take fingerbobs- great little items for keeping dressings etc clean, but HOW do you apply the correctly? Well, in this section, we”l shine a llittle light on a few of our products- you never know, you may have been wrongly applying that bandage for years……

So What EXACTLY is Sports Cohesive Bandage?

Sports Cohesive; Sounds sporty enough and it doesn’t sound too painful! We’ve all seen images of our sports players strapped up with braces, tape and bandages, but cohesive bandages are rarely seen. Why? Perhaps some people (or animals) are just not hairy enough. Cohesive bandage, sometimes known as “head bandage” or “vet wrap” is elasticated

Product Spotlight: Brand New for Boaters-Bespoke First Aid Kit

Boating First Aid

Well, we love our boating life.  As often as we can, we love to get away for the weekend (or longer) on the boat. We have a first aid kit on the boat, obviously, but lately I have found that the bits and bobs that I put together from items left over was just not

Product Spotlight- Travel First Aid Kits

[box border=”full”]It Pays to Take Sterile Needles when Travelling Abroad- You Never Know When They may be Needed.[/box] Until I started in the First Aid industry, it never occurred to me that, when travelling abroad to developing countries, it might be a good idea to take a supply of sterile needles in a complete emergency