Looking for plasters that don’t come off? Look no further that these Premium Fabric Adhesive Plasters by Steroplast, it’s widely known that they are the best for “stickability”- But why, what’s all the fuss about?

We have, for a long time always received positive feedback about Steroplast’s premium fabric adhesive plasters – we sell a lot to engineering and glazing companies and our e-bay feedback page is littered with glowing reports about the product –

The Plaster Remained Stuck Firm.


Great Quality Item

So what makes them so darned good? Well, apart from the superior adhesive used, the fabric of the plaster itself is quite thick and substantial – The wound pad, although small, is also surprisingly absorbent. Straight away, the plaster does its job, doesn’t fall off, mops up excess blood and cushions and protects the wound from dirt & debris as well as future knocks. We have found that the plasters can be got wet without any detrimental affects – no more 1 legged showering or hand washing whilst attempting to stick a finger away from the water stream!

On a more personal note, I remember as a child, I was always getting into scrapes and needed to be patched up. I seem to remember endless summer days with a tatty sun hat, shorts and a t shirt and a plaster constantly on my knee. I also remember the outline of adhesive residue surrounding the plaster that got grubby and left a rectangular mark on my skin; these plasters do the same, they stick so well that upon removal, adhesive is left behind and for a small snippet in time, I’m back to my childhood again – Minus the tatty hat and play shorts, of course.