Budget Friendly First Aid Sticking Plasters.

First Aid Sticking Plasters – always a first aid essential, where at home, at work, on holiday or just in the park. Whilst there’s no doubt that Steroplast plasters are the leading brand (their fabric plasters are legendary for their stickability!) the increasing costs of products, postage & packaging materials had made us think that it’s about time we offered a slightly cheaper alternative.

To be honest, I haven’t had the same extensive use of these Microplast plasters yet, but from what I’ve experienced, they are absolutely useable and do a fine job. The Quick Plast brand, which are a cheaper alternative to Cederroth, have had rave reviews from our customers, and we feel that the Microplast are of an equal quality.

In general, first aid plasters are available in 3 different types:

Washproof – for wetter environments such as the kitchen or wash hand basin. They are more practical under these conditions & help to keep the wound dry.

Fabric – A little tougher than their wash proof counterpart, the adhesive is a little more durable and the first aid plaster will stay on longer. However not wash proof so won’t keep your wound dry.

Blue Detectable – An essential choice for those in the catering and food preparation industries. Not only visually detectable to prevent cross contamination, but they also have a strip of metal which is designed to be picked up by metal scanners – Larger food preparation companies tend to have these types of scanner.