Sports Cohesive; Sounds sporty enough and it doesn’t sound too painful!

We’ve all seen images of our sports players strapped up with braces, tape and bandages, but cohesive bandages are rarely seen.

Why? Perhaps some people (or animals) are just not hairy enough.

Cohesive bandage, sometimes known as “head bandage” or “vet wrap” is elasticated and stretchy. As a result, they provide a variable amount of compression, as the tighter the application, the stronger the compression or support.

As cohesives are fairly robust, they can also be used to hold dressings or an instant ice pack in place.  What’s more, and here’s the magic bit, they stick to themselves- but don’t stick to the skin! Cool eh?

But what about the hairy body? Well, as the bandage does not stick to your skin, it’s easier, and less painful, to remove from a hairy body- A cohesive bandage is widely used in equestrianism and by vets for that very reason and I suspect that even the most rugged of rugby players would smart a little when it comes time to pull tape off their hairy legs, arms and heads! They are also re-usable which make them more economical than EAB or Zinc Oxide Tape.

Apart from the non stick nature of these bandages, as mentioned, they also provide variable levels of support. However too tight and blood circulation will be lost, so more support is best achieved by adding more layers rather than pulling too tight – They make ideal bandage for foot & ankle support. To provide extra strength, the sports cohesive bandage can be layered and wound round the hand properly would perhaps give boxers the desired level of hand wrap, but then immobilises the hand- great for sprains and strains.