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Product Spotlight: Brand New for Boaters-Bespoke First Aid Kit

Boating First Aid

Well, we love our boating life.  As often as we can, we love to get away for the weekend (or longer) on the boat. We have a first aid kit on the boat, obviously, but lately I have found that the bits and bobs that I put together from items left over was just not fit for purpose.

So, we put our heads together and came up with some items for a Boater First Aid Kit that really works. We have included:

  1. Plenty of premium fabric plasters, including 10 each of the fingertip & knuckle type (paddle gear bites!!)
  2. Plenty of Burns Gel sachets- good for insect bites as well as burns; Cooking with a gas stove in small spaces does lead to the odd burn occasionally.
  3. 2 large adhesive wound dressings for bigger scrapes, especially on those occasions when the engine needs attention- hands ALWAYS get scraped.
  4. An instant ice pack to help sooth twists & sprains.
  5. Eyewash pods to help irrigate eyes and wounds.

To finish off, we have put the contents in a lovely compact blue bag, complete with a hook for hanging on the wall or ceiling, ensuring that valuable space is saved!

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