Product Spotlight: Brand New for Boaters-Bespoke First Aid Kit

Well, we love our boating life.  As often as we can, we love to get away for the weekend (or longer) on the boat. We have a first aid kit on the boat, obviously, but lately I have found that the bits and bobs that I put together from items left over was just not fit for purpose.

So, we put our heads together and came up with some items for a Boater First Aid Kit that really works. We have included:

  1. Plenty of premium fabric plasters, including 10 each of the fingertip & knuckle type (paddle gear bites!!)
  2. Plenty of Burns Gel sachets- good for insect bites as well as burns; Cooking with a gas stove in small spaces does lead to the odd burn occasionally.
  3. 2 large adhesive wound dressings for bigger scrapes, especially on those occasions when the engine needs attention- hands ALWAYS get scraped.
  4. An instant ice pack to help sooth twists & sprains.
  5. Eyewash pods to help irrigate eyes and wounds.

To finish off, we have put the contents in a lovely compact blue bag, complete with a hook for hanging on the wall or ceiling, ensuring that valuable space is saved!

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