WELCOME to “mutual Advantage” –  The FIRST aid Blog.

Truthfully, we struggle to get excited about our industry sometimes. Not for the first time, I’ve wished we were in the travel or holiday industry, where the pace is fast moving, has a wide range of topics and is something that everyone wants! Let’s face it, First Aid Supplies is something that we have to have in our workplace, have at home with varying levels of efficiency and something that not many of us have thought about having with us when we travel (I told you, didn’t I? The travel business is wide ranging!) I would hazard a guess. Even the most efficiently organised and well stocked First Aid cupboard is there as a mere precaution and something we all hope we’re not going to need.
Which leads me to this blog, how to inform you, engage with you and communicate on a subject that is quite mundane and decidedly less glamorous than the holiday industry I mentioned? Well, I thought that I’d widen the scope, because when you think about it, First Aid is more than just bandages & plasters. It’s health, wellbeing, beauty and lifestyle as well as First Aid for Sport, Health & Safety at Work and First Aid Legislation.

What’s So Good About These Premium Fabric Adhesive Plasters?

Looking for plasters that don't come off? Look no further that these Premium Fabric Plasters by Steroplast, it's widely known that they are the best for "stickability"- But why, what's all the fuss about?

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Supporting Local Businesses

An introduction to our neighbouring local business - Vintage My Space. They sell quality vintage items and furniture - well worth a visit to their website.

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