PCV First Aid Kit v PSV First Aid Kit.

A quick Google search for first aid kits for passenger carrying vehicles can leave a person dazed and confused. There’s PCV First Aid Kit, there’s PSV First Aid, there’s Taxi and Vehicle First Aid and a few other choices to boot. Which leaves two obvious questions, what’s the difference between the terms and how do customers choose the correct product for their bus, taxi or coach?

In real terms, it doesn’t matter whether you purchase a PSV Kit or a PCV Kit or what terminology you use – (more on that further down). The main issue is that the contents meet a legal requirement, that the box or bag meets a certain standard of upkeep and that it is clearly marked as a First Aid Kit. Unlike the Health & Safety Executive, where a risk assessment is carried out and first aid is provided to a level high enough to meet that risk, The Road Traffic Act 1960 clearly defines a legal requirement for passenger vehicles to carry a certain level of First Aid.

Public Service Vehicles Regulations.

A link to the The Public Service Vehicles (Conditions of Fitness, Equipment, Use and Certification) Regulations 1981 can be found here, but briefly, the legislation demands that any vehicles carrying passengers need “a receptacle” and thatreceptacle shall be:

First Aid for Taxi & Bus
  1. Kept in good condition
  2. Suitable for its purpose
  3. Readily available for use
  4. Clearly marked as a first aid kit.

With regards to the PCV first aid kit contents, there’s firm legislation on that too – Each receptacle should contain:

First Aid for Taxi
  1. Ten antiseptic wipes, foil packed.
  2. One conforming disposable bandage (not less than 7·5 centimetres wide).
  3. Two triangular bandages.
  4. One packet of 24 assorted adhesive dressings.
  5. Three large sterile unmedicated ambulance dressings (not less than 15·0 centimetres × 20·0 centimetres).
  6. Two sterile eye pads, with attachments.
  7. Twelve assorted safety pins.
  8. One pair of rustless blunt-ended scissors.

So, in a nutshell, as long as a first aid kit in passenger vehicles meet the above requirements, it can be called whatever you like. The regulations are titled “Public Service Vehicle (PSV)” but the “articulated bus” referred to within the regulations are commonly understood to be “Passenger Carrying Vehicles (PCV’s)”.

How Do I Ensure That I am Compliant with The Regulations?

Wherever you purchase your vehicle first aid, all you need to do is ensure that the box of bag is fit for purpose, is clearly marked as a first aid container – (green white a white cross is standard in the UK) and more than anything else, ensure that the contents match the list above – That’s the important bit. DON’T buy a kit with large HSE dressings instead of Ambulance dressings as they are not the right size!

All of our PCV First Aid Kits Have the Contents to Meet the Regulations.