A phrase I have heard a lot lately is “things will never be the same again”. Indeed the COVID pandemic, the lock down and overnight halt to social gatherings changed a lot about the way we lived our lives, interacted with loved ones and purchased our essentials whilst the High Street remained “out of bounds”.

Here at Advantage First Aid, we continued to work; we are a small unit and operated by family members of the same household and our workplace is half a mile from our house. We noticed that the regular first aid supplies continued to sell, but less popular products suddenly became hot sellers – Pill containers and plasters on a roll gathered momentum and with each order that pinged through, we could sense the shift in the way our customers had to shop; instead of popping in the local discount store on the way home, pill containers were purchased online, instead of putting a box of dressing strip in the supermarket trolley, online stores were now an integral part of the weekly “shop”.

And so it’s now in reverse as the lockdown restrictions gradually begin to ease….. Our customers are shopping more for their workplace as thoughts turn to how best to cater for furloughed staff. Our response kits are proving popular – sadly the higher spec ones used at shows and festivals have yet to have a resurgence; it’ll be a while before large crowds are allowed to gather.
We’ve created a video so you can see how comprehensively full this Workplace Emergency First Response Kit in Haversack actually is – It’s the smallest of our range, but with back to work in mind, it’s proving mighty popular – Watch the video to see why!