During these unprecedented times we are taking extra care with our working practices. We are a small team and have no visitors to our business unit other than Royal Mail & Courier collections/ deliveries. A counter at the collection point enforces social distancing and we offer a supply of hand sanitiser and hard surface wipes for drivers. We wipe & clean surfaces regularly with 70% alcohol based wipes and ensure that we partake in a rigorous regime of hand washing and hand sanitising. Take care people and stay HOME and stay SAFE. Regards the AFA Team. Dismiss

BS-8599-1 Compliant First Aid Kits

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Employers are required to ensure that there are “adequate & appropriate” Health & Safety facilities in the workplace. The Health & Safety Executive offer only guidance as to what is sufficient to meet the above statement. In response to this issue, British Standard First Aid Kits were developed in 2012. Whilst it is not a legal requirement to purchase these kits for your workplace, the design of the kits means that it is far simpler to select the correct size for your needs.
Some workplaces can have differing levels of risk- factory & office workers on the same site, for example- These need to be treated as different categories of risk and the appropriate kits purchased accordingly. Also, provision needs to be made for the off site/lone worker and each of the BSi Compliant travel kits are suitable for one member of staff.