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What are Pilfer Proof Plasters?

Individually wrapped, loose plasters can be pocketed, dropped on the floor and dirtied or simply fall down those mysterious nooks and crannies that lead to another universe. Pilfer proof plasters are kept together in a dispenser.
They are fixed in a certain way that when they are pulled out, the plastic backing detaches and the plaster has to be used straight away. With the adhesive backing exposed, it’s impossible for anyone to be able to put the plasters in their pocket and take them away. A special key is needed in order to change the plaster refills – this stops them being “pilfered” as a complete set too.
The design of the dispenser means that it is wall mounted for easy access and the clear lid ensures that the plasters remain dust and dirt free. The dispenser holds 2 refills, so workplaces can provide 2 different types of plaster or a well stocked 1 type dispenser.

How to Use:

Each dispenser is wall mountable and the refills slide into the plastic housing. The refill packs are kept so secure that a special key is needed to stop them being removed / falling out.

To pull a plaster out, simply pull a single plaster from the dispenser. Only one is removed at a time and the adhesive covering comes off as well. The plaster can be used straight away, leaving the others clean & dry for the next time.

Brands of Pilfer Proof Plasters.

We stock 2 brands: Cederroth and Quick Plast by Crest Medical. Both brands of refills are interchangeable with each brands dispenser. They are available in Fabric, Blue Detectable and Washproof. Each refill has a selection of 2 sizes.
CEDERROTH Plasters & Dispensers: The industry’s leading supplier of dispenser plasters and the cost mirrors the fact. However, we feel that since the company stopped producing sterile plasters – individually wrapped – the product has lost some appeal. Yes, the dispenser design has changed so it’s easier to retrieve the plaster and only one had needs to be used, but in a first aid emergency, with possible blood on hands and fingertips, the probability of cross contamination is high.
QUICKPLAST Plasters & Dispensers: A high quality, cost effective alternative to the Cederroth brand. From our perspective, we like the fact that these plasters are individually wrapped and sterile; they are just as easy to access in an emergency, but their outer wrapping minimises the chance of cross contamination enormously.