New Year New Products!

We have been wanting to expand our range for a long time now – we move slowly on new ideas under “normal” circumstances and 2020’s COVID restrictions slowed our normally cautious approach even further. 2021 hasn’t brought about much *actual* change except maybe a bit more determination as we shake the sluggishness and restrictiveness of the pervious year off – To be honest, it helps that the days are getting longer and there’s just more daylight and birdsong.

We have dealt with PROACT Medical on a very ad hoc basis and now it was time to scale up! Based in Northamptonshire that have been manufacturing Patient Monitoring, Diagnostic, Airway Management, Anaesthetic and Resuscitation products since 1995. In the first instance we have introduced an “Airways Management” section to our website where we have listed, amongst others, PRO-Breathe Guedel Airways, PRO-Breathe Nasopharyngeal Airways and Disposable BVM’s.

More to come at a later date as we expand our range, but in the mean time, browse our categories below.