[box border=”full”]It Pays to Take Sterile Needles when Travelling Abroad- You Never Know When They may be Needed.[/box]Travel

Until I started in the First Aid industry, it never occurred to me that, when travelling abroad to developing countries, it might be a good idea to take a supply of sterile needles in a complete emergency medical kit.

I visited South America in my teens and did as I was told and didn’t drink tap water. However, no one told me that fresh milk was not readily available and the milk on my cereal every morning was powdered, mixed with- yes you guessed it- tap water!! The inevitable bout of sickness followed, with doctors appointments and if I remember correctly, a needle in my derriere. The moral of the story was, of course, no matter how many precautions you take, we can still get caught out. I was lucky and the needles were obviously sterile, but they could so easily not have been.

Fortunately, the experts in the industry have far more foresight that I and have put together some travel first aid kits that do cover the above scenario and offers peace of mind.

As always, in the interests of customer choice & value, we are offering a selection. In this case a small selection but each kit is geared towards a slightly different type of travel- Enjoy the adventure, but be safe also.

[quote]Travelers Emergency Medical Kit -This kit comes in a clear plastic wallet and focuses more on the medical equipment needed to carry out emergency procedures whilst abroad, rather than the items usually found in a first aid kit for general cuts & grazes. The kit contains disposable syringes, disposable needles and water purification tablets amongst other items. There are some plasters & dressings included, but no bandages or scissors. Ideal if you already have a first aid kit but are travelling to developing countries. The water purification tablets are, in our opinion, essential for foreign travel.[/quote]


[quote]Complete TravelersFirst Aid Kit with Own Needles- Unlike the Emergency Medical Kit detailed above, this Travel bag contains much more first aid items as well. It contains all the items you would expect in a standard kit, but has the addition of sterile needles & syringes. It exceeds the guidance offered by the HSE as to what a travelling workers kit “might typically contain” It is ideal if you are supplying an employee with travel first aid, as it covers all bases in one easy bag. If you are an individual, eg a student on a Gap Year, then the Medical kit above along with a full first aid kit is recommended. This Complete Travelers Kit would suit a family holiday also- the variety of contents is perfect for family getaways.  [/quote]