The Public Service Vehicles (Conditions of Fitness, Equipment, Use and Certification) Regulations 1981

Under the above Regulations, all PSV’s (defined as a vehicle that is used to carry passengers for hire or payment) needs to carry First Aid items:

(i) Ten antiseptic wipes, foil packed.
(ii) One conforming disposable bandage (not less than 7·5 centimetres wide).
(iii) Two triangular bandages.
(iv) One packet of 24 assorted adhesive dressings.
(v) Three large sterile unmedicated ambulance dressings (not less than 15·0 centimetres × 20·0 centimetres).
(vi) Two sterile eye pads, with attachments.
(vii) Twelve assorted safety pins.
(viii) One pair of rustless blunt-ended scissors

It’s not enough to keep the first aid items just in the coach or minibus, they need to be well maintained and easliy visible & kept clean and in good condition:
First aid equipment.

36.  (1) There shall be carried by every vehicle being used as an express carriage or as a contract carriage a receptacle which contains the items specified in Schedule 5.
(2) The receptacle referred to in paragraph (1) shall be—
(a)maintained in a good condition,
(b)suitable for the purposes of keeping the items referred to in the said paragraph in good condition,
(c)readily available for use, and
(d)prominently marked as a first aid receptacle.
(3) The items referred to in paragraph (1) shall be maintained in good condition and shall be of a good and reliable quality and of a suitable design.

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