What are Wide open weave (WOW) bandages?

Quite simply, WOW bandages are exactly what they say they are: Instead of a bandage with a smaller, more elasticated weave, wide open weave bandages are looser and as a result, non stretch and allows the wound to breathe. 

NON STRETCH: As the bandage does not contain elastic, it means that you can secure dressings without the fear of constricting the wound – You do however end up with a bandage that is not quite as secure as a stretchy one, but if the wound calls for a lighter, looser dressing then WOW bandages are the most suitable product.


Also called White Open Weave, this is a very traditional bandage. Its ventilation qualities make it an ideal dressing for burns or any other wound that is not bleeding, but still needs protection for knocks and bumps.

As the name suggests, the bandage is made of a wider weave, very similar to Woven Gauze Swabs.

This loose formation of fibres allows the wound to breathe and aid healing – It can be used with or without a Low Adherent Dressing, as the soft gauze like weave of the WOW Bandage will also absorb blood.