After nearly 4 years in our current location, Advantage First Aid Supplies is taking a big step towards significant growth.

Our current unit, a tall, dark, cold, industrial prefab building no longer suits our purpose; We need something warmer, brighter and shorter.

After months of uncertainty as to when exactly our units were going to be demolished to make way for 160 odd new houses, the answer was literally a stones throw away. Two joined units at a nearby (to home anyway!) Small Business Park were available for rent. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight ( I guess business units are building that have a face only an architect could love) and we slowly embraced the potential change as we discussed, dithered, measured and ummed & ahhed over the suitability.


The main bonus that the Mill Lane units had were their lower ceilings and skylight windows; the prospect of natural light & warmth was the biggest “advantage” of all. After some haggling over the rent, we found ourselves agreeing to a 5 year lease- after all, lack of stability at the current site was THE major bugbear. Also, a 5 year lease took us until just before James finished “big boy” school and the next occasion where we would potentially make any life-changing moves/decisions.

The chaos that surrounded our everyday business practice was never more apparent than when, decision made & 3 months notice given, we returned to normality whilst we waited for a good section of our 3 months notice to tick by- after all, who wants to pay any more double rent than necessary? The bright, airy space of the new units is just perfect for an open plan, loft style work place with an office area and picking/packing & stock area……Google images have been busy showing me great search results from which we are drawing inspiration. All that remains now is for us to turn the disorganised jumble of our current workplace to a more serene and highly efficient workspace that enable us to be far more productive.

New premises will enable us to turn our workspace from this……

Advantage First Aid Kits





                      And this………

Packing Room

To something resembling this……!!!

New Office